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" ....I usually send everything via helicopter"

Thank you all for sending the care packages.

I received four this morning when I got up. I am working on sending you pictures of them but with limited connectivity for cell phones and operational security concerns, we have to check pictures before we can send them out.
My Soldiers really enjoy the care packages and are digging into them before I can get them open. This set of packages I passed out to the guys here but I usually send everything via helicopter to my Soldiers that are living in the middle of nowhere.

Again, Thank you for taking the time to send out care packages.


Jacob F. St. P.

" brightens the Marine’s day out here"

Good Afternoon Any Marine Supporters,

I just wanted to drop everyone a line and say thank you for the care packages your sending to the Detachment. I know not everyone writes back to say thanks but just know it brightens the Marine’s day out here. To all of our supporters hope all is well in the states. Thanks again for all that you do for us and supporting the armed forces. Marine Security Guard Detachment Karachi appreciates the support, care and effort given to the Marines here. Below is a photo of some of the detachment and myself training with some of our State Department Diplomatic Security Agents. I’ll try and keep everyone CC’d on future involvement the detachment has here in Pakistan. Your families are in our prayers and we thank you for the blessings!

Marcus M.

We provide worship opportunities for our Soldiers while they are deployed.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your thoughtful gift of a care package for our Soldiers. Our unit is the 6-
101 Aviation Regiment, “Shadow of the Eagle”. We are a part of the proud XXXXXXXst Airborne.

Division. During our deployment to Afghanistan our Soldiers will be flying and maintaining
helicopters that fly Troops all over the country. With our unpredictable and busy schedule, many
of our Soldiers aren’t guaranteed regular meal times. Snack items are especially helpful to
subside the hunger of our men and women.
Your package was sent directly to the Unit Ministry Team. Our team consist of Chaplain
(Captain) Jeff T. and Specialist Charles K. We provide worship opportunities for our
Soldiers while they are deployed. We also spend a considerable amount of time looking for ways
to meet the needs of our Soldiers. When we get a care package in, we make the items available
to our Soldiers in a Free-X. A Free-X is a room in which we keep care packages and items for
Soldiers to pick up and use. Toiletry items, food, DVDs, books, coffee, candy, and drink powder
are among the favorite items. These are extremely useful to our Soldiers.
We appreciate you helping our Soldiers maintain readiness and focus during our
deployment. Our mission is to serve the men and women of the great United States! Together,
we will continue the fight for the freedom we hold so dear.
CH (CPT) Jeff T.
SPC Charles K.

Thank YOU!

A big thank you from TF Shadow for the care packages!! We appreciate your support!!

We appreciate everything you guys do for us

Hello Hugs 4 Troops

My name is Sergeant Kyle M. I am a member of the XXXXXth Signal Battalion currently deployed with the 3rd Special Forces Group whom you sent packages to. I just wanted to take the chance to send you an email and say thank you so much for thinking of us. We appreciate everything you guys do for us. Its the small things that makes us feel just a little bit better about what were doing. Everything here is going well and we are safe and sound. I have access to email so please feel free to respond if you'd like. Im looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,

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