The HUGS Project of Elkhart

Our Troops Say

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"You have given me the gift of encouragement and hope..."

The gift of your help/time/support means more than anything money can buy. I really appreciate all that you’ve done and You have given me the gift of encouragement and hope in a difficult time. I am so grateful for your support.

Zach S.

"...getting snacks and drink powders and such helps so much! "

Hello! This is specialist Swinney out here in Saudi Arabia and I received your package. It feels so nice to know that people care back home. And yes getting this package in has helped so much with boosting people’s morale and motivation. There isn’t much out here, so getting snacks and drink powders and such helps so much! I sincerely thank you so much. And there is limited internet use out here. Some of us were able to get a portable WiFi hotspot and it gets good signal certain times during the day.

I got your letter as well, and it is awesome to see soo many people helping and supporting your movement. The weather out here is starting to cool down a little so that really helps. We’re an engineer unit out of sweet home Alabama. And I’m actually originally from Kokomo Indiana. Moved to alabama 6 years ago. We’re staying safe out here, and hopefully headed back home in May. This is our 3rd location now, we were previously in Iraq running some heavy equipment. Again I can’t thank you enough for the support!! And I’d love too, but I think we can get in some trouble if any pictures are taken out here.. but here’s a picture of us on the AC-130 headed out of Iraq to Saudi Arabia. (Me on the right)
I’ve loved being out here so far. I love my country and I’ve always felt like I had a calling to serve. Always traveling, meeting new people, staying in good shape. And when I get back home my college will be paid for so that’s definitely a plus.

"This is such a moral booster"

Good Day Ma'am/Sir,

I have received your care packages and I just want to say thank you so much for all the donations, I truly appreciate it. This is such a moral booster and I cannot wait to see what other goodies and surprises will come in the future. Thank you again for all you do.
Catherine C.

"The timing is quite perfect"

Dear Hugs Project,

My name is Captain JON Lxxxxxx and I am serving in Wiesbaden Germany with a civil affairs unit from Green Bay Wisconsin.I want to thank you very much for sending the box full of wonderful goodies, a nice warm blanket, and hand and boot warmers. The timing is quite perfect considering we are turning from fall to winter type conditions. I sent a few pictures of what it was like for us to train up during COVID-19. I received a wonderful hand written letter from Brenda and I want to give her a shout out and a huge thank you. If you want to know more about us just please ask again thank you so much for your support. It sure does mean a lot to have folks from home send a little bit of them to us.

"Every day they are faced with unique challenges..."


I wanted to take the time to let you know that we received your care packages.

On behalf of all the soldiers here I wanted to take the time to reach out and thank you!

Every day they are faced with unique challenges and when they are surprised with packages that show how much support and love there is for them just makes there day.

Thank you for your support and patriotism.

I look forward from hearing back from you and your continued support.

Please stay safe!

Very Respectfully,

Joshua F.

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