The HUGS Project of Elkhart

Our Troops Say

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Thank you


Thank you so much for sending us care packages, it really made our day. It is so nice that you took the time to mail us something. Have a good day!
Very Respectfully,
GySgt Bianca A.

"If there's anything we can do in return please feel free to write...."

Ms. Miller,

I received your packages and they were a hit. My command was very happy to see the goodies inside. We're very grateful. Thank you for thinking of us and taking the time to do this. If there's anything we can do in return please feel free to write. Thank you, again.



"​Hello to my fellow Hoosiers...."

Hello to my fellow Hoosiers at The Hugs Project (Elkhart Chapter)

My name is HM2 Oria and I am a US Navy Corpsman who originally reigns from Northwest Indiana, East Chicago to be exact. My department recently received a few care packages from your organization and I wanted to express how deeply and truly grateful we are for the items we received. I want you to know each item will be used or passed on to another sailor who might be in need. I would also like to inform you of the excitement you instilled in each of us as we watched the packages being opened. It is like Christmas to us because we rarely receive mail since we are out to sea.

I would also like to thank everyone who sent a personal letter with words of encouragement, support, or prayer. These words truly do help as we spend all these months at sea away from our families. Your words remind us of what is important and why we volunteered to serve. We are here for you and we appreciate you being in our corner for support. Thank you again for everything you do for our military. God bless.

Very respectfully,

HM2 Oria, R.

Good to hear from fellow Hoosiers.

Hello from Afghanistan.

Good to hear from fellow Hoosiers. We just received a package from the Elkhart County Indiana Chapter of the Hugs Project. What a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much for the headbands/hand warmers. We passed them out to everyone. The treats were also much appreciated. As a Hoosier myself, I know I can always count on fellow Hoosiers for their warmth, caring, and hospitality. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.


"The Rice Krispies are one of my favorites"

The Hugs Project of Elkhart,

I just wanted to write you guys (and girls) and say thanks for the care packages. The Rice Krispies are one of my favorites and the singles make the water taste a lot better!

I’ll just tell you something’s about myself; name Jenna, I’m from North Carolina. I’ve been in the Army for 5 years. This is my first deployment. I plan on staying in until I retire.

Anyways I just really wanted ya’ll to know it really means a lot for you guys to take the time out of your day to mail me 2 boxes.

Thanks again, Jenna

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