The HUGS Project of Elkhart

Our Troops Say

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We truly appreciate your support!

Good morning,

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful care package we received today. We truly appreciate your support!



..."you made everyone’s day "

THANK YOU Elkhart County Indiana Chapter for the care package

Thank you, sincerely and simply, thank you.

It has been about a month now since I signed my flight up on the any-soldier/any-airman website and we have been receiving a steady trickle of care packages since then. We have a variety of people in my flight in terms of age (19-54), backgrounds, and what bases they are coming from. Although they are no longer surprised when I walk into the lounge area with another care package, they still light up every time. It is hard to get a picture of them all together since we are constantly busy and very rarely all in the same place at once. Moreover, it would be difficult to get one with everyone utilizing the hugs (all other items were consumed and used with vigor and haste) but if you would like I think I can find a picture of my flight in general.

Thank you again, you made everyone’s day (especially those that don’t receive care packages regularly from home).


Daniel B., SSgt, USAF

"The other day it reached 125 degrees. "


The 64 Brigade Support Battalion has received your box of "hugs" and we all appreciate the gifts! Out here in the middle can get really warm. The other day it reached 125 degrees. Wetting these or placing in the fridge before we out them around our necks really helps us keep cool out here during a long, hot summer day.
Thank you all for all of your support. We cannot do this without the support from home!
V/r, Jorge A. M.

" I see firsthand how they can brighten the day of a service member "

Dear Hugs Project: Elkhart Indiana Chapter,
Thank you very much for taking the time to send care packages
our way. The items you sent will be distributed to service members of
all branches of service. Being part of the team that distributes these
donations, I see firsthand how they can brighten the day of a service
member and boosts morale. Each item that you took the time to send
to us will go to good use.
Every Friday we invite service members to come participate in a
“Thank you” photo to send back home. We wanted you all to see some
of the faces of the personnel that you are supporting.
Very respectfully,
C. Johnson

"Thank you for the Christian literature"


Thank you and all that helped with this care package. It was such a blessing and an encouragement to me. It just came in today the day before Father’s Day. Thank you for the Christian literature, I am always trying to share my faith with others and you have me more opportunity. Thank you also for the kind letters. I hope that you and your family are doing alright as we enter into Father’s Day weekend. I will be missing my family but I know that they are safe and taken care of. Thanks again for your kindness, generosity, and support.

SFC Travis L.
Manhattan, Kansas
Isaiah 41:10

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