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...we were so excited....

Hello Larry & Nancy Mast,

Me and my gang have received your care packages and we were so excited. Me & my team would like to thank you all for the time, dedication and help that you have shown us troops overseas. I do want to apologize in advance for the lack of pictures, but it is hard for me to get everyone together at one time, so here is what I could muster up. God bless you all!
SSG Lawson & her team.

"Chaplain, who sends this awesome stuff?"

Ms. Miller,

Thank you so much for the care packages you sent to our unit. I assure you our Soldiers were blessed by your generosity. It is such a site to see when the care packages arrive and begin opening them to distribute. I assure you I don't make it far. The Soldiers always ask, "Chaplain, who sends this awesome stuff." It is an honor to share with them your names and organizations. Your generosity helps our Soldiers to be reminded of why they do what they do. Thank you for loving and supporting them. I thank God for your gratuitous spirit. Notre Dame is having a great year this year in football and I would have to think it's because of folks like you in the area that display the love of Christ in supporting those around you. Thank you again.

Get T.H.E.R.E

CH (CPT-P) Jason S.
Brigade Chaplain

..."puts smiles on faces..."

Thank you for such a wonderful care package! My Soldiers and I are extremely grateful and appreciative for the package. Receiving packages like the one you sent always puts smiles on faces.


1SG Michael W.

" ....I usually send everything via helicopter"

Thank you all for sending the care packages.

I received four this morning when I got up. I am working on sending you pictures of them but with limited connectivity for cell phones and operational security concerns, we have to check pictures before we can send them out.
My Soldiers really enjoy the care packages and are digging into them before I can get them open. This set of packages I passed out to the guys here but I usually send everything via helicopter to my Soldiers that are living in the middle of nowhere.

Again, Thank you for taking the time to send out care packages.


Jacob F. St. P.

" brightens the Marine’s day out here"

Good Afternoon Any Marine Supporters,

I just wanted to drop everyone a line and say thank you for the care packages your sending to the Detachment. I know not everyone writes back to say thanks but just know it brightens the Marine’s day out here. To all of our supporters hope all is well in the states. Thanks again for all that you do for us and supporting the armed forces. Marine Security Guard Detachment Karachi appreciates the support, care and effort given to the Marines here. Below is a photo of some of the detachment and myself training with some of our State Department Diplomatic Security Agents. I’ll try and keep everyone CC’d on future involvement the detachment has here in Pakistan. Your families are in our prayers and we thank you for the blessings!

Marcus M.

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