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The temp today is 106°

I would like to express my thanks to the Elkhart Chapter for the "hug" I recieved today. I am currently on the border of Syria/Jordan. The temp today is 106°. I am wearing a "hug" made by you. I can not tell you how amazing this hug feels on my neck. Thank you.

SFC Gann

US Army

"We are very happy to have lots of baby wipes!"

Hi Deb!

I wanted to say thanks for the care packages! We have been fortunate to have people like you and your team sending us gifts. We really appreciate it. I went and looked and it looks like the main maintenance offices are well stocked with snacks, soaps, toothpaste etc.
I liked the sticky notes and the letter you wrote!
All of the snacks are great! I took a couple of pictures of people with snacks. I’ll send those one of these days! We are very happy to have lots of baby wipes! Seems like the water is off in the dorms once a week.
I’m doing well and so are the guys in my shop. We’ve started to wrap up most of what we do and are starting to pack stuff up. All of our equipment has to be dust, dirt, mud, and grease free before it can get shipped home so we do still have a lot of cleaning to do.
It’s been in the high 90s to around 115 all trip. Feels like a blow dryer when the wind blows! We are very lucky to have air conditioning in our offices and we have big portacools in our hanger.
I’m ready to go to a baseball game, play golf, and be home!
Thanks again for all the nice things! I miss you guys and I’ll see you all soon!

Nick H.

He handed out the HUGS to Iraqi soldiers.....

I appreciate the care package as well as those that were around me. I just got back in to Kuwait after being in Iraq for a while and I was so happy to see the care packages and letters waiting for me as soon as I stepped in. I didn't get any pictures this time but I promise I will do so in the future. I just had enough time to sign for them, open em, and leave them for the soldiers to pick through while I left to unload my gear. Even though I just got back in I'll be heading out again shortly. Ill be sure to hand the cooling cloths to the Iraqi soldiers so they can hand them out to the locals. I'm sorry that I don't have much interaction with the actual children like my last tour but I really hope this will suffice. When I was in Iraq I did get to sit down and enjoy the day of Eid with them (last day of rammadan). Thank you so much for your support and I'll see if I can get some pictures tomorrow. I'm sure the care packages will be getting picked through tomorrow then :)

Andrew S.

"We work out in the sun day and night ..."

Thank you for the support and packages sent! They are greatly appreciated. My name is Kevin S.. I represent a group of 51 F-15 maintenance specialist deployed to Jordan at an undisclosed location for OPSEC. This is my 4th deployment (5th if you count Korea) but 1st for a lot of my guys here. We work out in the sun day and night making sure we always have jets in the air to support ground troops. Thanks again for the support. It is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the late response. It's been a busy month for us. We sometimes go a couple of days without a mail run so it can be hectic trying to take pics for people that send things. I took some anyways and some others of our job. Hope you enjoy.

SSgt Kevin S.

My brother lives in South Bend, Indiana.......


Sorry for the delay in making contact to thank you for the package. The hours have been long over the past couple of weeks and work has been chaotic here in Kabul. Thank you so much for the care package. I am assigned to a unit in Kabul that advises the Afghan Air Force and it is very rewarding. I am also a crew chief by trade on U-2s and A-10s and have served on active duty for 24 years now. Thank you to your family for their dedication to our awesome country. Like stated on my page, I am stationed out of Tucson and will be here for much of 2018; hoping to get home before Halloween. I grew up in central Illinois not far from you. My brother lives in South Bend, Indiana, so I think you are actually very close to him. May God strengthen you and your family through your spread of love. Hope you have an amazing weekend. Stay in touch.

Joe Murphy

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