The HUGS Project of Elkhart

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What is a HUG? 
A HUG is a cooling tie that will keep a serviceperson cool for  hours in the blistering heat of the Middle Eastern desert.  It is made of sand-colored cotton (for camouflage) and filled with polymer crystals, which absorb moisture and swell when immersed in cold water.  Our troops love tying a cold HUG around their necks before embarking on a mission in desert heats that can exceed 130-degrees!

Totals for 2023

Our numbers show our commitment to our wonderful troops!

Thank you to all who contributed and blessed us in 2023.


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Our Troops Say

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My name is Michael and I am currently deployed in Qatar.  We have just received a care packet from you and I wanted to personally thank you.  The “Hugs” are a great idea and trust me are going to be sued.  The guys I work with and myself love them.  We wrap them around our heads like ninjas, and some made pretty sweet neck ties.  Now when we to out to do our job, we look pretty gangsta while livin the Hug Life!  It’s a lot cooler than 140!  Yea we are still about at the 90s but a lot cooler at night and will get cooler for sure.  I miss the fall leaves.  I am based out of Charleston, SC.  The guys that I work with enjoy the Hugs and when we go out to work on a plane we all have it on.  It’s a lot of fun to have.
I am SGT Chapman.  I just received the care package you sent.  Thank you very much for the care package.  I let my Solders open the care packages I get.  It is always a joy to see the happiness on Soldiers faces when they see all the goodies in the care package.  It’s the little things that make these deployments easier on us.  We really appreciate the care package.  Thank you very much. 
From the behalf of the company we would like to thank you many times over for your compassion and support.  The guys loved the survival bracelets and if you can send more it would be much appreciated.  I wish to thank everyone who played a part in getting that care package to us.  Thank you is not enough.

Thank you, so much, Danielle, Sondra and all the Volunteers for the great gifts that you prepared for the troops.  I will personally hand each of those gifts out to our fellow Soldiers, Airman, Marines and Navy personnel.  I was overwhelmed to see the great care and love radiating off of each package.  I can clearly tell that each of you hand prepared these gifts which speaks volumes of your love and generosity for the troops serving our great nation.  Thank you so much and your gifts will touch the lives of many as they have touched my life.
Love Sam B.
My name is Matthew C. I am stationed with Robert. I would just like to thank you so very much for the things you sent and your very heart felt letter. It means alot to us around the holidays to be able to get gifts when we can't see our loved ones. We might not have it as hard as some troops but we still are not with our families for the holidays and it really is hard so I would like to say thank you once again and Merry Xmas and Happy New Years to you.
Thank you very much.
We received your package today. I, myself work in an office facility with many other offices here. All Soldiers in our Brigade come here when they go to and from R&R. Though we have it a little bit easier here than others, most of our Soldiers are on small outposts that do not have a PX or very few amenities. Simple things like personal hygiene items
means so much. Things that most people take for granted back home, like reading a magazine to stay up on current events really matters to the Soldiers. Every day we put on the same uniform and do the same tasks, no variety. So the Soldiers out there talk about home. Some get sad because the younger ones have never been away from home or they do not have any family to write to. So your contributions puts a smile on their faces, gives them something to discuss, makes them know people care. When they walk in waiting to go back out to the zone and they see our giveaway box, they immediately head over and grab a snack or ask if they can take the magazine with them, but every time they light up. I hang letters and cards I receive on the wall, so they can read them and know who sent the items. Some stuff my colleagues keep here in a giveaway box, some are sent to the outlying bases so they can have them. None of it gets
wasted. It gives our Soldiers hope, knowing someone cares. Your support keeps them from being lonely and reminds us of the day we get to go home. Thank you very much once again.

Thank You,
Today we received the box filled with laundry detergent, neck coolers, and lotion. The coconut lotion was by far the favorite. In about 5 minutes the office smelled like a tanning salon. Much better than the usual smell of Marines that spend all day in 120+degree temperatures. Thank you all so much for the support. We have laundry facilities here so the detergent will be used by all. I hope that we can continue to make all those back home proud.

Brian T.

CFC 67320