The HUGS Project of Elkhart

Our Troops Say

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..."you made everyone’s day "

THANK YOU Elkhart County Indiana Chapter for the care package

Thank you, sincerely and simply, thank you.

It has been about a month now since I signed my flight up on the any-soldier/any-airman website and we have been receiving a steady trickle of care packages since then. We have a variety of people in my flight in terms of age (19-54), backgrounds, and what bases they are coming from. Although they are no longer surprised when I walk into the lounge area with another care package, they still light up every time. It is hard to get a picture of them all together since we are constantly busy and very rarely all in the same place at once. Moreover, it would be difficult to get one with everyone utilizing the hugs (all other items were consumed and used with vigor and haste) but if you would like I think I can find a picture of my flight in general.

Thank you again, you made everyone’s day (especially those that don’t receive care packages regularly from home).


Daniel B., SSgt, USAF