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Our Troops Say

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"I am blown away and thankful..."

Hello Elkhart,

I am blown away and thankful for the awesome package you sent to me and the Air Advisors in Baghdad. I am about half way through this 6 month deployment and it lifts my spirits to know that ya'll are thinking about us.
Our mission out here is to train advise and assist the Iraqis to re-build their Air Force, which makes sense because I had a hand in destroying it back in the day in a B-1B. We help the Iraqis to kill ISIS and secure the borders. I work closely with Iraqis everyday. They are warm, funny and courteous people. There is optimism now because they have a chance for a prosperous and peaceful future.
I have had an opportunity to play guitar in the praise band out here every Sunday since January and it's been a blessing. Last week we played for and with the African security folks on base. It was so animated and joyous. I broke out of my Presbyterian roots and danced with them. They are from all over sub Saharan Africa. What a blast! Our music director is a squared away tenor Army psychiatrist and he puts our setlist on the planning center app.
Thank you for the personal notes Carole. Kim and Scott, love you guys and I'll use the guitar picks tonight.
It's not easy being away from family doing dangerous work but the support and love that you send keeps us going.
Major Jeff K.