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Our Troops Say

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"...helps to pass the time...."

Hello kind friends,

I am just writing to say thank you for your kind support of my Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen. We received your AnySoldier packages and letters and were very touched by your support. Being here in a very remote part of Africa, your package is a wonderful reminder of why we do this job and who we do it for. We couldn’t complete our mission without the support of patriotic Americans such as yourselves. As a medical team we spend much of our time waiting on standby, training and preparing for when we are needed, so having letters, snacks, and other distractions from home helps to pass the time.
This part of Africa is warm and dry and we are close enough to the equator that the seasons don’t really change. The is a brief rainy season in the spring and fall, but temperatures are nearly the same all 12 months of the year. Many forms of exotic wildlife live here. We have baboons, wild pigs, large cats, mongoose, crocodiles, and several species of very dangerous snakes like spitting cobras, puff adders, and black mambas. We have antivenom and other treatments for snakebites but we also take extensive precautions to prevent them because that is really the best treatment.
Thank you again for thinking of us and supporting us in our mission. I have attached a picture of our team preparing to do surgery on a local civilian who wouldn’t have been able to get the life-saving surgery he needed without an American military team being here, your support helps to make that possible. Take care and God bless.
Dan B.