The HUGS Project of Elkhart

Our Troops Say

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"We that are deployed so far from our Families"

Good Morning ALL;

I just wanted to take a few seconds of the day, or I should say my evening to thank each and every one that is connected to the "Elkhart County , Indiana Chapter of the Hugs Project. We that are deployed so far from our Families appreciate your hard work. I see hundreds of Soldier that enjoy the Gifts and Donations from your giving heart to the Troops. We thank you, and it is a reminder to us "The Why" we are here to protect and server our fellow Brothers and Sisters.

There are so many signature on the enclosed letter, I hope I didn't miss anyone, but those I could make out- special thanks goes to the following:
Deb Hurt
Diana Clark
Larry & Nancy Mast
Mike & Lorie Weaver
Dan Schroder
Kathy Vanelk
Martha Walorska
Madelyn Sharkey
Linda Fry
Anne Regier
Sandra Resen
Ruth Brant
Deb Hien
Carolyn Miller
Vickie Barrett
Sherri Greene
Lynn Linton Barb Brown
Carole West
Kris Kelly

"Dragon Slayers"

SFC James